Tug of war sport in Latvia

On April 23, 1994 in Uppsala, Sweden we were accepted in the Tug of war International
. In the very same year team from Ventspils – “Velkonis” participated in the world
championship in Uppsala. The team over its years of existence has participated in all World and
European championships.

In Latvia Tug of war tournaments, in accordance to the international normative takes place since
1991, but during the winter – indoors (once a year) since 1995.
Teams from Latvia take part in international tournaments, European Youth tournament GENSB.

The 1998 World Championship marked a great success for the Ventspils team “Velkonis”, when
the team in the world championship among clubs earned gold medals [4].
2002 was also a successful year, when in the World championship in Pretoria, South Africa the
youth team from Saldus earned gold medals in the youth class both in the competitions among clubs
and countries. Ventspils „Velkonis”, on the other hand gained two golden medals in the categories of
680 kg and 720 kg among clubs [4].
In 2005 in the European finals „Velkonis” versus „Ozoli”. After a hard fought battle, „Velkonis”
took the first place after 2:1 score.

Latvian Tug of war teams since 1994 have participated in European and World championships
and gained:
Adult and youth team:
7 – golden medals
4 – silver medals
2 – bronze medal
GENSB European youth tournament in the tug-of-war discipline since 2000:
1 – silver medal